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Our Members Include...

We welcome new members on a regular basis who qualify for membership by meeting any of the following criteria:

  • Currently a member, attendee, employee, or volunteer of an Evangelical faith-based church within the following states:
    • Idaho
    • Oregon
    • Washington
    • Alaska
    • Utah
    • Wyoming
  • Currently an immediate family member of an individual who is already an NCCU member.
  • Currently a member of the Nazarene denomination worldwide.
  • An alumni, student, parent, volunteer, or faculty member of one of the following schools:
    • Nampa Christian Schools
    • Cole Valley Christian Schools
    • Greenleaf Friends Academy
    • Any Nazarene school or University
    • Boise Bible College

Joining NCCU Has Never Been Easier!

Click the button to begin your application process. Please reach out to us with any questions by calling member services at 208-466-0916 or stopping by your local branch.

What is a Credit Union?

Northwest Christian Credit Union is a financial institution, similar to a bank. But there are some important differences between a bank and a credit union.


Banks accept any customers from the public. Credit unions are formed to serve a specific group of people that become members. A bank is owned by its shareholders (not necessarily customers of the bank). A credit union is owned by its members. At NCCU, we work hard to unite the faith and finance of the people, businesses and ministries who are our members.


Banks are run as a “for profit” enterprise. Profits are distributed to stockholder dividends and increased shareholder values. Any extra money earned by a credit union, in excess of its operational expenses, is returned to its members through better rates and lower fees. At NCCU, our leadership board is committed to honor God and our member's best interests when managing the resources of the credit union.


Most banks are part of a larger organization that doesn't have the same focus on the local community like a credit union would. At NCCU, we invest and are involved in a variety of partnerships and sponsorships that support a vibrant, faith community.